Pathfinder Battles pre-painted Miniatures 14-Pack Return of the Runelords

  • EAN: 634482975282
  • Numer seryjny: WIZ97528
Pathfinder Battles: Return of the Runelords includes 14 all-new miniatures representing seven of the most iconic villains of Pathfinder\'s Lost Omens setting-the runelords of ancient Thassilon-as well as seven magical runewells, each keyed to a deadly sin!

Characters featured in this set include:

- Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath
- Belimarius, Runelord of Envy
- Karzoug, Runelord of Greed
- Krune, Runelord of Sloth
- Sorshen, Runelord of Lust
- Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride
- Zutha, Runelord of Gluttony