Jeepers Creepers Replica 1/1 The Creeper\'s Battle Axe 56 cm

  • EAN: 69716859
  • Numer seryjny: HCG9421
We are proud to present this amazing, Officially Licensed, Life-size Prop Replica of the Creeper\'s principle weapon - his Battle Axe.

The Creeper is a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces every 23 years to feed. He has been stalking prey and collecting body parts since the most ancient of times, killing anyone and anything that is foolish enough to get in his way. The demonic monster uses his Axe throughout the movie to mercilessly decapitate or dismember his hapless victims

This amazingly detailed and realistically weathered Axe is an impressive 22\" long, and 11\" across the axe head. It comes complete with a themed display wall plaque, evoking elements of The Creeper\'s truck, and utilizing his Throwing Stars to hang the Axe on.

Constructed from fiberglass and resin, this incredible Prop Replica is painstakingly hand painted to look like aged metal and wood.

This beautifully aged and weathered Prop Replica is a fantastic addition to any horror collection, and would make a superb companion piece to our Jeepers Creepers Life-size Bust!

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide.