Halo Infinite Tankard Master Chief 25 cm - Damaged packaging

  • EAN: 16445003114391
  • Numer seryjny: NEMN-B5847U1WMS1DAP
Prepare for Halo Infinite with this exclusive and officially licensed Halo collection.

Here we have our exclusive Halo Master Chief Tankard. The tankard features the Master Chief himself, leaning forward armed with a gun, and ready to fight any alien parasites which may come his way. The tankard itself resembles the recognisable armour of the Master Chief, including his rank number and brand logo. The handle emerges from the side of the mug, featuring a gun, adding to the second to none detailing of the tankard.

Cast in high-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this piece is a must have for any Halo fanatics collection. \"